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Initial Free Consultation | Situational Consultation

Weekly Private Consultation | Weekly Video Support Group

Transition to a Higher Level of Care

Initial Free Consultation

We will start our journey together with a free 30 minutes consultation call - phone or video. I will listen to your story from the beginning and seek to understand the strengths of your situation and the challenges you are facing. Together, we will explore strategies for you and your loved one.

Situational Consultation

After the free consultation, Inspired Dementia Care services are available to you as needed. Are you looking into finding a memory care community and want to talk through the pros and cons? Are you afraid for the safety of that person living in the home and need to discuss how to adapt the current environment? Do you want to talk with your family but don't know where to start the conversation or how to direct it? Whatever your situation is, you now have access to an experienced dementia care professional to help you discern and plan.

Weekly Private Consultation

Each day brings new challenges and you want to learn more to support your specific situation with skills and knowledge. This could include learning the basics of dementia, communication skills, how to handle new and different behaviors, self care, etc. Weekly private consultations will provide you the opportunity to talk through your goals and have an experienced partner to problem solve and plan with you as the situation evolves.

Weekly Free Support Group Video Conference

The value found in support groups is tremendous. By joining a dementia care support group , you can expand your circle of support and have a safe place to share your thoughts, experiences and emotions.

Benefits of support groups

  • Feeling less lonely, isolated or judged.

  • Reducing distress, depression, anxiety or fatigue.

  • Talking openly and honestly about your feelings.

  • Improving skills to cope with challenges.

  • Friendship and socialization

Memory Care Navigator

When looking for a quality senior living community, the options seems overwhelming and they all begin to look alike. I can support you in this process by doing much of the leg work for you. With this service, I will research communities which meet your specified criteria of location/services and create a list of options. I will coach you on what to look for when talking with or touring a community - what are the red flags to look for, questions to ask. As a previous Executive Director of a memory community, I will also coach you on what you can do to develop a strong working relationship with that community.

Disclaimer of Liability: The information and any materials provided to you in your consultation are the thoughts and opinions of Inspired Dementia Care, Leslie Fuller Senior Services LLC. The information and material provided are not medical advice and should not be relied on as medical advice. Inspired Dementia Care is not responsible for the actions of any participant who acts by relying on the information provided therein. Participants should use their own discretion in using and implementing the information that they receive in these consultations.